Geographic Information Systems, Data Management & Map Production

GFMI’s Geographic Information System (GIS) specialists and technical staff are experienced in resource inventory, data management and meeting client digital information needs with accurate and dependable service; to create, capture, compile, model, analyze, visualize and/or store resource information.  Maps and information products can be customized to meet client needs.  GFMI staff is experienced in:

  • Resource Database Planning, Management, Data Conversion, Integration & Analysis
  • GIS Programming
  • Remote Sensing Analysis – Imagery/Photography Ortho-Rectification & Interpretation
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) Data Collection, Support & Documentation
  • Spatial Analysis & Viewscape Analysis
  • 3D Analysis – Watershed Analysis, Water Quality Protection, & Visual Impact Assessment
  • Road Right-of-Way Planning, Analysis and Route Selection
  • Graphic Design & Customized Information Products in both English and French languages
  • Special & Recreational Interest Mapping
  • Resource Values Data Collection & Database Updating
  • Timber Harvest & Natural Disturbance Data Updating, Spatial Pattern Analysis & Reporting
  • Preparation, Updating & Management of Forest Resource Inventories
  • GIS Training, Skills & Knowledge Transfer

GIS & Data Management Software/Experience

GreenForest Management Inc.’s GIS specialists and technical staff are experienced in the use of several software applications, including

  • ArcGIS Advanced, ArcGIS Basic, ArcView 3.3, ArcScene, ArcGlobe
  • ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, ArcGIS 3D Analyst, ArcGIS SDE & ArcPAD
  • Stereo Analyst, PurVIEW & DAT/EM Softcopy Stereoscopic Software
  • PCI Geomatica
  • ERDAS Imagine
  • Microsoft Word, Access, Excel & Powerpoint
  • Python, AML, Oracle, ModelBuilder & VB
  • Unix
  • SILVITRACS SPS & Truckbase Data Processing & Mapping
  • AG-NAV
  • Pathfinder Office, DNR Garmin & Garmin MapSource GPS software
  • OziExplorer Mapping software

GIS and Information Management for Forest Management Planning in Ontario

Two of GFMI’s senior GIS team members participate on Ontario’s Provincial Joint Information Technical Committee, advising the Ministry of Natural Resources on forest resource information management and technical specifications.